Assignment 9: Final Presentation

Due: Wednesday, December 4 in class and on Canvas.
Plan on an extended class (probably to 5:50pm); email your TA immediately if you have a conflict with the extended time, so that we can order the presentations effectively.


Tell us what you've achieved this quarter! Talks and presentations are one of the main mechanisms through which researchers communicate their ideas. As part of your final project, you'll be giving a talk on your research.


You have five minutes (+ about a minute for questions) to present your research to the rest of the class, the staff, and the guest faculty. To ensure a smooth flow between projects, we will be running everything off a shared Google Slides deck. So, create your slides using Google Slides, and insert them after the title card for your project team. We will run the presentation in presenter mode, so you'll be able to see any presenter notes you leave.

That means you won't be able to cover every detail of your project. Think about what you really want to communicate. It likely draws heavily from your introduction and bit flip:

  • What's the problem, briefly, and why does it matter?
  • Why hasn't prior work been able to address the problem? Set up the bit.
  • What's your big idea? Flip the bit.
  • Explain enough technical detail for the listener to understand what you did, at a high level
  • Explain enough about your results for the listener to understand what you observed, at a high level
  • Conclude with a restatement of your thesis

Assume that the audience for your talk is a researcher in your broad area (e.g., HCI, systems, or AI). So, you don't need to re-introduce the whole field of HCI. A sentence or two to situate your work in the field is good, but spend the rest of the time telling us what you did.

This presentation is worth a substantial amount of your grade, so it's worth practicing it. At five minutes long, you and your team can practice it between 5 and 10 times in an hour! It's also short enough that you might consider writing out what you want to say long-hand, make sure you convey information efficiently and effectively. Practice it enough times so that you have it basically memorized, but not so memorized that you get flustered if you skip a word or someone asks a question.


Submit your slides to the Google Slides deck before class starts on 12/4. In addition, submit a PDF static copy of your slides on Canvas by Wednesday, December 4th.

This is a group assignment; create a group for your team, and one member should submit on behalf of the group.


Your presentation will be graded on the following rubric:

  • Structure: did the presentation organize its question, thesis, and evidence effectively? (7pt)
  • Clarity: did the presentation convey the details in a way that a general expert in the field could follow? (7pt)
  • Timeliness: did the presentation organize its time well, and stick to the five minute limit? (3pt)